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Genre: Suspense Action Thriller

"To secure 12 million dollars for an overseas rescue operation an undercover operative holds NY City hostage with a beer can and note extorting the governor to fix a horse race paying off at exorbitant odds." 


115 Degrees based on the novel “Threat” from Richard Jessup,  is a suspense action-thriller of a combat ex-pat tasked with complete government immunity to raise millions in an effort to secure a number of trapped Americans held deep inside a fallen Afghanistan - while learning one of the hostages is that of his own identical twin-brother."

“I think there's only two people who actually know him - his family and his enemies." 

With all of the special warfare skills a government could provide, Harrison Fowler finds himself approached by NSA officials for his most dangerous and personal undertaking yet – a search and rescue mission deep inside the newly fallen Afghanistan for two Red Cross NGO's and that of his own estranged twin.

“Extortion the tool, leverage the method, my threat – a city’s terror.”


For the government to have plausible deniability, Fowler must first secure his own mission funds. Fowler begins with a beer can and note which are found in the most sensitive part of a downtown NY City religious center announcing his lethal presence; “This proves that I can and will penetrate your security, Yours' - Threat”. Fowler demonstrates the willingness and capacity for violence and mayhem. After months of "Threat" revealing buried explosives, he then turns his eye on New York City's 200 local bookies establishing himself as a long shot artist.  Ultimately he makes his demand to withering authorities which is; a certain horse, a certain race, a certain track and pitched at certain odds. 


“Hello Governor. All you have to do is slow down the rest of the field."


"They don’t test the losers..”

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