Extortion Political Suspense-Thriller

115 Degrees is a New York City extortion thriller, about a private, government contracted, warfare-specialist, Harrison Fowler who secretly targets a geopolitically sensitive religious site in which to glean illusive location information of insurgent-held international Red Cross workers – one of which happens to be his own twin brother. In the vein of such films as Jason Bourne, Salt, Quantum of Solace, Harrison Fowler is the lone operative who not only needs to locate the Syrian held hostages but also to find the way to raise 9 million for the mission itself. What's left in the wake of his efforts, is nothing short of the hostages returned, a bewildered New York State governor, and the first race on the first of the year paying off at 30 to 1.

Meticulous Loner - Exacting Hero

In our geopolitical age, new ways of encountering the enemy seem to come in all ways, shapes and forms. When overwhelming shock-and-awe is offset by a single covert warfare specialists, a new brand of conflict is found in as many ways. A country who unleashes its military against itself is thought of a totalitarian regime - a president who can do the same thing with one man, can create plausible deniability. He may just find himself in the situation room overseeing the actions of a lone-soldier who's been given free reign in his own homeland. The low profile gives Fowler his mobility, his training provides the pressure onto his enemies, and his commitment to the mission, his full sacrifice will be at the ready if need be. 



Screenplay Available upon Request

Crosswind Films 2017