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American Yankee - Last Walk to the Mound 

Genre: Sports political romance

“In my youth, I’d locate my fastball and change my speeds… these days I find the Advil and reach for a warm towel. ”


Washed up personally and professionally, high-profile NY Yankee right-hander Brooks Crawford makes one last stand for credibility and legacy - to get back his prized 100 MPH fastball under the mentoring of Nicaraguan pitching great, Osniel Echevarria. As the country's first democratic election looms, so does the lingering, factional fighting between Sandinista forces and American backed Contra guerrillas.


“Look, I just came down here to get my pitch back, I’m no “Che Guevara!”


As a budding relationship grows between Brooks and NGO Faith St. Thomas, Crawford's growing sports notoriety provides a shining light onto the violent and pernicious forces who’d like to see nothing more than a corrupted electoral outcome. Crawford's close proximity to Faith and her political work wields unanticipated consequences – a heroic popularity in spite-of-himself. Crawford's pitch begins to return but the campaign to demoralize election officials intensifies.


While Nicaragua teeters on the precipice of yet another all-out civil war, Crawford’s coaches and teammates are targeted and imprisoned. Although the race for the pennant is on, the city of Managua is overtaken by CIA backed, enemy shock troops. Crawford then summons a squad of eleven retired Major League American baseball players, dangerously confronts corrupted forces, primes his team in a race for the pennant and leads a barnstorming tour with his American make-shift squad into the countryside with an American brand of ambassadorship and baseball all of his own. 


“With a ball in his hand, and the last walk to the mound, a life once over, is now found again”.



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