American Yankee Screenplay Available Upon Request

Reluctant Hero - An Awaiting Nation

Washed up personally and professionally, high-profile NY Yankee right-hander Brooks Crawford makes his one last-stand for credibility – to get his prized 100 MPH fastball back at the hands of Nicaraguan pitching great, Osniel Echevarria. As the country’s first democratic election looms, so does lingering, factional fighting between Sandinista forces, and CIA backed Contra guerrillas. Upon arriving, Crawford meets American, ex-patriot Faith St. Thomas who works tirelessly as a non-governmental agency, Witness For Peace (WFP) advocate who positions the fragile country toward a secure, safe, and fair election between the embattled opposition parties.

Fall to Rise - The Outsider who Saves a Country  from the warring within.

Unfortunately for Brooks Crawford, he just didn't find his wife in bed with another man but found her with that of his best friend, Tim Williams. Destroying his capacity to control his highly prized-pitch, NY Crawford is quickly washed out of the majors with as little fanfare as a whisper. Confronting the end of his marital life, and high-profile career, Brooks now finds himself off-the-grid playing for the Managua Giants in Central America's heart of war-torn Central America, Managua Nicaragua. Dropping blindly into a volatile political conflict zone, Brooks' impressions of the body-politic are initially uninformed and nonplussed - that is until he aligns himself with political NGO, ex-pat Paden St. Thomas where he soon finds himself as the sympathizing American wearing the team uniform reflecting the Nicaraguan people's greatest pride. Influence is now wielded with his newfound popularity. Because of that, teammates, and friends are now targeted by violent, local and paramilitary political entities who would like to see Nicaragua's first, fare and free election go to the CIA back candidate. Shedding the once narrow objectives of his career, Brooks Crawford now finds his own way to save and secure Nicaragua's first and free-election and finds something much more valuable for himself along the way.

Crosswind Films  2017