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St. Martin's Press - Valancourt Books

Urban, Suspense-Thriller

At middle-age, Charles Ripley has a good job, a healthy salary, a pretty wife, and an expensive house in a fashionable upper-middleclass neighborhood. He's got but only one pressing issue – Charles has grown sedated by all his suburbia’s trappings.


“Be careful for what you wish for… you might just get it”. 


When a new, attractive and exciting couple moves in next door, Charles is then awakened once again by the intelligent, outgoing, and extremely confident Ruskin Marsh. Ruskin presents himself as everything Charles Ripley is not, i.e., handsome, witty and quite self-assured of himself. Corralling Charles into a late steakhouse dinner, Ruskin entertains two unknown women only to later cause their deaths in a rainy and fiery, cliffside crash. As a new friend is made, Charles now finds himself an unwitting accomplice to a vehicular, double-manslaughter.


Although Ruskin leads a provocative way of life, its Ripley's very real nightmare that has only just begun.


Emboldened by Ruskin’s charisma and influence, Charles inevitably partakes in Ruskin's darker appetites. Ripley finds license with a much younger company staffer in his only work-place indiscretion which then begins to threatens his way-of-life, and all that he's worked for... Wife Shelly, curiously drifts into a newly-explored sexual awakening and Mesa Verde’s female-teens begin to go missing. Neighborhood barbeques erupt in brawls, and howls-of-torture screech from the nearby valley below. Ruskin learns of his Charles' difficulties with the young intern and does what any good friend would do – he makes all of his friend's troubles go away.


But soon caught up in an accelerating maelstrom of sex, drugs, violence, and ghastly, unimaginable rites, Ripley has yet to give up the one thing that will ultimately save him; his-own natural instincts for self-preservation.  

Confronting the threat of a gruesome death from Ruskin and Sybil, it's Charles Ripley who then turns the tables. Considering what he's learned from his new friend, Charles carefully plots his-own mercenary mission and begins with a little neighborly hunting of his own.