Screenplay Available Upon Request

St. Martin's Press - Valancourt Books

Urban, Suspense-Thriller

In the tradition of such suspense thrillers as Silence of the Lambs, The Shining, and Mute Witness, The Happy Man excels as we dreadfully watch the unsuspecting Charles Ripley fall prey to the seducing and unsettling lifestyle of neighbor's Ruskin and Sybil Marsh. Listening to Ruskin in the first place was a bad mistake but one which only compounds and escalates as Charles is taken by Ruskin's natural charm and physical strength. Ultimately seduced by the fruits of life, and sinking to the depths of his-own existence, Charles has only one choice left - the last unselfish act he can think of to separate himself from those he all too willingly had become.  

Man In-the-Hole

Charles Ripley has become deadened from an unappreciative worklife, an uncooperative marriage, and a life that has been wholly condemned by the same day-to-day drudgery. With the American Dream in hand, no one told him that once the 401-K was max'd, life can get pretty routine. Boredom makes him vulnerable, hot days in the cul de sac - unenthused - and the neighborhood barbeques, all too predictable. That is until he befriends Ruskin Marsh, and soon two women both had met at the local steakhouse are tumbling off a wet cliff by way of Ruskin's impatience. Now on the other side of a point -of-no-return, the man in the hole sees little light above - but, maybe just enough before he gets buried alive. 

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