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“What lies in the Valley Below” is the tale of Charles Ripley’s somewhat mundane life changing forever once a mysterious and upbeat couple move in next door.”

“Charles’ first step toward the inferno is a small one.”

Software engineer Charles Ripley has a good job, a healthy salary, a beautiful wife and lives in an upper-middleclass neighborhood. When an exciting couple move in next door, Charles awakens from his years of suburban, domesticated life. Boy’s night out in a local chophouse, neighbor Ruskin Marsh entertains an unsuspecting Charles along with two unknown women from the steakhouse bar, only to…

“Cause their deaths in a fiery, cliffside crash.”

Mesa Verde’s female-teens go missing, neighborhood barbeques erupt in physical brawls, while hideous howls-of-torture echo from the nearby canyon below. Seduced, Charles now awakens to an accelerating maelstrom of sex, drugs, violence, and ghastly, unimaginable rites. With the warring sides drawing near with no way out, Charles then plots to kill Ruskin and wife Sybil in a suicidal mercy mission.

“If you play in the mud, you’re gonna’ get dirty!”

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