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Secretly-Sanctioned Mission

US Army intelligence warfare specialist Captain Harrison P. Fowler and identical twin brother, Private First Class James Ryan Fowler were shipped overseas to Viet Nam at the same time with the 101st airborne. Harrison, a fierce adversary of the enemy was so feared by the North Viet Cong; an old fashioned western-style, wanted poster was hung for him across every village in the North Vietnamese jungle. Fueled by the mayhem and confusion of the fall of Saigon, the Cong mistakenly capture Harrison’s identical twin, James Fowler thinking the Captain would pay a handsome post-war bounty.

Man in the Hole - Solo Mission

In a complex geopolitical world, the kinds of conflict are as varied as the types of ways to combat it. Fowler, whose identical twin brother is being held behind Cambodian lines for crimes he never committed is now reliant on a secretly sanctioned mission that will unleash his own brother, and his warfare skills, onto a very unsuspecting super luxury tower in the heart of New York City. Undercover as a sandwich delivery man, Tonio Vega, Fowler strikes fear in the state's authorities as he reveals where he has placed military grade, denotation devices one-by-one in the St. Cyr ultimately extorting an off-the-grid payoff amount to secure the safe return of his brother and one of America's MIA's.  

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