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Adapted from the frontline memoirs of Jim Bennett.            Screenplay Available Upon Request.

Biographical, Suspense, Historical-Drama

War Junkies is a Vietnam suspense-drama about KNBC on-air, Television combat correspondent Jim Bennett who reports from deep behind enemy lines in what would be known as America’s first “living room” war. Reporting on the Nixon's disastrous export of U.S. foreign policy into Southeast Asia, along with its convoluted attempts to win the fight, Bennett finds the administration's endeavors miserably misplaced and borderline apocalyptic. In a post 1969 Robert F. Kennedy era, the Los Angeles based, thirty-nine-year-old, KNBC political beat reporter is summoned center–stage to America’s most devastating, ill-advised Indochinese conflict in Vietnam. Immediately pitched into the peril of its most blistering battles, Bennet becomes the network’s most aggressive and comprehensive Vietnam War correspondents of his time.

Into the Belly-of-the-Whale 

Digging deep into the misfortunes of the Indochinese Holocaust, Jim Bennett and his colleagues freely roam the countryside with U.S. troops deep inside North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Exasperated by the Military’s calculated misdirection, yet paralyzed by his own dire and deep longing for home, Bennet is overtaken by the horrors of war and those ill-advised miscalculations by the U.S. Administration. Nearly an unrecognizable figure, fueled by alcohol, along with his insatiable addiction to report from the front lines, Bennett is placed squarely between the crosshairs of the U.S. Military’s demand for secrecy and his own demand for the truth. 

Crosswind Films 2017

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