Screenplay Upon Request

"Strap on your soul, it's gonna' get ugly"

Roadtrip Fantasy Millennial Comedy


Graduating high-school and leaving the small town comforts of Kernville California, five best friends embark on a cross-country, reunion "road-trip" spanning the stretches of America's heartland in the biggest, juiciest, red convertible they could find! But, now unfortunately for our heroes, there's real trouble. It appears one of the five has made a cozy deal with the devil himself and Beelzebub is a bit impatient to collect. The Father of Lies wants Curtis now! Hunted and assaulted across the great divide, we follow our team of five - the Devil Dogs of Kernville as they crisscross the American plains piecing together clues as to why their friend had made a deal with Mr. Pickering - the Lord of Demons himself.

Hangover meets Superbad  

For Curtis Blyleven, the pressure of reuniting with his life-long friends was just too much. Always nervous about being the butt of the joke, Curtis is pretty determined to shine in front of his friends.

Hedging his bet against the anticipated embarrassment, Curtis signs over his soul to the devil - to be collected at the end of his natural life -for all the notoriety, and riches a young man would need to look prosperous and successful. What Curtis doesn't anticipate, the Father of Lies grows impatient to collect. Sending an ex-lover to gun down Curtis in front of his friends is only the beginning of this cross-country adventure where it's the devil who finds the sands of his-own hourglass slowly running out of grains. 

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