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Screenplay Upon Request

Roadtrip Fantasy Millennial Comedy


              "Strap on your soul, it's gonna' get rough."

As a reunion between five, lifelong-friends looms, Kernville's own, Curtis Blyleven feels he just might not measure up when his closest of comrades come to town for the beginning of their cross-country trip. To hedge his bet, Curtis employs some supernatural, backdoor juggling, and takes a fateful step by cutting a deal with the devil - Mr. Pickering himself.  Sadly for Curtis, his fortunes aren't what's anticipated and Mr. Pickering wants what's his and now!  Taken at point blank range by a lover's scorn,  Curtis'  fame and success are short-lived and the much anticipated, cross-country road trip is over as quickly as it began. But for the Devil Dogs, a number of things just don't add up and the loss of their friend isn't sitting well. So, with little to go on, it's time to dig Curtis up and take him back to Kernville. The race to the grave is on! Bedeviled by ring leader, Von Patterson,  ultimately it's Von, David, Biltmore and Kamal - the Devil Dogs of Kernville High - who will save Curtis and confront Mr. Pickering with a Faustian plan of their own.

Hangover meets Superbad  

For Curtis Blyleven, the pressure of reuniting with his life-long friends was just too much. Always nervous about being the butt of the joke, Curtis is pretty determined to shine in front of his friends.

Hedging his bet against the anticipated embarrassment, Curtis signs over his soul to the devil - to be collected at the end of his natural life -for all the notoriety, and riches a young man would need to look prosperous and successful. What Curtis doesn't anticipate, the Father of Lies grows impatient to collect. Sending an ex-lover to gun down Curtis in front of his friends is only the beginning of this cross-country adventure where it's the devil who finds the sands of his-own hourglass slowly running out of grains. 

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