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Puddy McFadden is Licensed to Golf. This is the tale of one-time PGA great McKenzie (Puddy) McFadden who gets his second chance to restore his PGA dominance while fighting through a crippling, ancient Scottish curse. 


“Curses, I don’t believe in no stinking curses!”


After an illustrious career Puddy puts the final nail in his “politically-incorrect” career while disqualifying himself from the PGA circuit. While hosting the high-profile Woman’s PGA Championship, Puddy uses the international venue to announce his cherished plans to build a high-end, exclusive "Men's  Only" country club. Puddy's fateful words become the ship's plank he's condemned to walk. Exiled to a weed-infested miniature golf course, one-time manager and con-man, Melvin Dealer offers the fallen-golf-god a direct invitation to the Pro-Am Viagra Classic – Puddy's last chance to redeem his career and reputation.


“Writing checks with the mind a body can’t cash proves troublesome on the doglegs."


Having lost his dominant swing, Puddy’s comeback prospects appear bleak. While bruising debtors are hot on his tail, a bitter competitor reappears to confront Puddy. The future of an estranged son lies in the balance, while nine errant-juveniles are placed into his care by way of the latest court order. A budding romance begins heading for the trash-heap, while Puddy is greeted by the source of his actual woes i.e., the cursed apparitions of his Scottish past –  four grizzly 1,000 year-old Ancient Highlanders.


Provided the sequence to break the dreaded McTiernan burden, Puddy reunites the clans, sinks an astonishing 60-foot putt and breaks the century's old curse placed upon him and that of his ancestors.


“Living large just under par".

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