Screenplay and Premise Short-Film Available

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Romantic, Redemptive, Off-Beat, Golf Comedy

In the vein of break-out films such as; The Hangover, Happy Gilmore, Old School, and Tommy Boy, Puddy McFadden - License to Golf is a redemptive, comedic tale of one-time, PGA superstar, McKenzie "Puddy" McFadden. He is poised to make his comeback after having been disgraced from professional golf and the elite-tiers of the PGA. Learning he's actually been cursed by the wives of his-own, ancient, Scottish forefathers, Puddy's comeback, the Viagra Classic, and the 5 million dollars purse is now all on the line. Paid a ghostly visit by the netherworld Highlanders, Puddy learns half-way through the tournament he's been cursed and is the only one who can rid the 1000 year McTiernan spell from his bearded relatives and that of himself. 

Riches to Rags Back to Riches Again...

Puddy's unlikely rise to fall to rise once again story is reminiscent of Cinderella's quest which overcomes forces out of her control which hold her forever bound to the class of the lower-depths. Unknowingly plagued by the ancient Scottish curse of McTiernan, Puddy plunges to that his-own demise and has destroyed his one-time, monumental career pitting himself as the sole poster boy as the LPGA's number one misogynist villain. It's become a battle of the sexes and Puddy McFadden has absolutely no idea as to how he got there.